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I'm always looking for good tutorials about various developer related subjects.  And also non-developer related, both free and commercial.  Below is a short list of what I have used and find good or interesting: - I subscribe to and they have excellent video tutorials about all sorts of subjects.  $25.00/month - Just found this one, but they seem to have a lot of good video tutorials for decent price too.  .NET etc. SQL, mobile.  $99/year, extra for mobile - I have subscribed to in the past, but don't have an active subscription there now.  Cover a lot of development subjects in good video tutorials.  Some of them are getting a bit old, but may still be applicable.  $52.50/year or $140.00 for live

WPF Training Guide - Lot of Windows Presentation Foundation tutorials.  Text and screenshots.  Free

WPF - Lot of nice WPF tutorials with text and screenshots.  Free.

Adobe TV - Excellent resource for learning Adobe products.  Video tutorials and many of them are done by the same people as video tutorials, like Julieanne Kost and Deke McClelland.  Free.

C Programming - Ton of tutorials and articles about C, C++ and Java.  Weekly email newsletter.  Great resource.  Free.

MSDN - THE resource for anything related to Microsoft development platforms.  

MSDN VS 2010 How Do I? - Video tutorials for Visual Studio 2010.  There doesn't seem to be a section for VS 2012 or VS 2013.  As you navigate it get's a bit confusing - so many resources - that it makes it difficult to find things.  Many of those tutorial videos are done by Beth Massi who is a very teacher and presenter.


I will add to this article as I find more and I welcome comments if you have a favourite tutorial site that you would like to see here!

Arnor Baldvinsson

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