Clarion Trace can cause programs and Clarion to crash

Today I learned the very hard way that Clarion Trace can cause some major havoc, at least in Clarion 6.  Late yesterday I was working on applications that connect to a MS-SQL database.  Everything was good and running smoothly, but I was trying to optimize several linked browses so I turned Tracing on to see what the driver was sending to the back end.  Once I was done, I turned Tracing off, or so I thought.  I had accidentally left the "Flush contents" checkbox checked when I closed the program.  I took a break and got myself some coffee.

When I got back all hell broke lose.  All the programs that connect to the MS-SQL database were crashing when they started and tried to connect to the database.  So was Clarion's dictionary editor when I tried to connect to it and import a table, just to see if Clarion could connect.  This morning I set out to find what was going on.  I restored the Clarion 6 BIN folder from a backup as well as the 3rdParty\Bin folder.  No change.

As the client I'm working with was zipping up his Clarion 6 environment to FTP to me, I created a small application in Clarion 8 to see if it would have the same problem.  No problems, so that definitely indicated that the problem was a Clarion 6 problem only.  As I was going through the BIN folder to look for anything suspicious, I saw trace.exe and ran it and jumped to the MS-SQL driver.  "Flush content" was checked.  I've left it checked before as I recall with the SQL Anywhere driver without any issues.  So I unchecked it and tried one of the programs.  Lo and behold it ran fine!  So I turned "Flush content" back on and again the program crashed.

So if your program all of a sudden starts crashing when accessing a database, check the Trace settings for that database driver.  Hope this helps someone to debug a rather obscure problem:)

Arnor Baldvinsson

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