Coding in color...

One of the cool things about using Clarion7/8/9 is that when copying code out of the editor it will preserve the format, including color, when it's pasted into editors, web editors that support rich format and word processing programs.  This makes it easy to write articles and show code like it would look in Clarion. 

I was going to give you an example, but as luck would have it, the HTML editor here doesn't fully support rich text so the outcome is less than good;)  So instead I'm showing a screenshot from Action Outline with some code copied straight from the Clarion 8 editor into Action Outline. 

As you can see the color comes perfectly over to Action Outline.  This also works perfectly with MS Word, Wordpad and Help & Manual.  When adding code examples to documents, it makes them much more appealing if they are formatted in color coding that developers are used to seeing, even if the color combinations are different. 

So, now you can color your Clarion code all you want:)

Arnor Baldvinsson

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