Commit to TortoiseSVN using Build Automator

Committing to an SVN version control repository using TortoiseSVN is very simple in Build Automator.  I do this when I create a new product build to make sure that I have everything committed.  I don't do automatic branching and/or merging with BA, just a commit. 

When TortoiseSVN is installed, a command line program called TortoiseProc.exe is installed as well.  It is only used for command line processing and it will show TortoiseSVN windows when appropriate.  This program will show the TortoiseSVN windows so in a way this is a quick way to add Tortoise calls to your programs.  I believe this is also the essentials of the SVN support in Clarion 8. 

To make this happen in Build Automator, double click on the "Run Program" action in the right hand list in the Project window.  In the "Command line" entry put: 


There is no need for the path as the install will add the path to the Tortoise binaries to the PATH environment variable.  In the "Parameters" text box put:

/command:commit /path:"c:\Dev\Projects\Clients\Collier\" /logmsg:"Commit from Build Automator before build $TODAY$ $NOW$"

The first parameter indicates the command, i.e. "commit" (for more information about the available commands, click the link to the manual at the end of this article)  The /path: parameter indicates the path where the files are that you are going to commit.  The /logmsg: will put the message which must be enclosed in double quotes, into the message text box on the Tortoise Commit window. 

Most version control programs have command line options which makes them easy to use in Build Automator.  I will be adding some actions to do this more directly, but in the meantime you can take advantage of the "Run Program" action in Build Automator.

You can also watch a quick video on Youtube.

Or you can read the TortoiseProc manual.

Arnor Baldvinsson

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