Blue Screen of Death - software to show where it happens

One of my machines goes down every two months or so with a Blue Screen of Death.  I wanted to be able to figure out where this was coming from without having to figure out the dump files from the operating system.  After some search I found BlueScreenView from NirSoft.  It is a freeware utility that shows you the BSOD log and what files were loaded/involved.  I found out that the reason for the BSOD's on my computer are in the video drivers. 

It is well worth it to explore NirSoft's website as they have a lot of free utilities.  I actually think they are all free as I haven't found one that is commercial.  The tools are being actively developed and so far there have been 13 releases in April 2013.  Many of the tools are also available in multiple languages.  BlueScreenView looks to be available in 27 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Danish, French and German, to name just a few.  Definitely worth checking out!

Arnor Baldvinsson

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