Use XP "My pictures slideshow" screen saver in Windows 7

Windows XP came with a really nice screensaver called "My Pictures Slideshow"  Windows 7 comes with the "Photos" screensaver which as far fewer options.  One of the things the XP screensaver had was an option to show the path and filename of the image on the screen.  I loved this because I would set my screensaver to use my photo drive and it would randomly show me photos that I've taken.  Sometimes I'd see a really pretty one and want to go take a closer look.  Having the path and filename was crucial for me to be able to do that.  The "Photos" screensaver does not have that option.

After some search online I found the simplest and easiest way to do this.  You simply copy the screensaver file, called "ssmypics.scr" from the :C:\Windows\System32" folder on your old XP machine to the same folder on your Win7 machine.  Open the Screen Saver Settings window and select the "My Pictures Slideshow" and you have your good old screensaver back!  I don't know if this will work on Windows 8, but it works perfectly on Windows 7!

Arnor Baldvinsson

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    Andrea Borman

    Yes it does work on Windows 8. I have installed the My Pictures Screensaver from Windows XP on my Windows 8 and it works just fine. I also have it on Windows 7 and it works on Windows Vista too. I also have the Microsoft Channel Screensaver from Windows 98 on Windows 8 . But for some strange reason I cannot get Channel Screensaver to work on Windows 7. I don't understand this since it works on 8 so I thought it would on 7 but no. If you can find a fix for this let me know. But the My Pictures screensaver works on all the later versions of Windows 7 and 8. So yes it can be done. 

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    George Bransby

    Brilliant! The photos screensaver on Windows 7 is rubbish. Great tip & simple to copy and paste the file. Many thanks.

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