Very cool Windows 7 theme packs

Today I was doing some desktop cleaning on my computer and wanted to get some more interesting theme packs for it.  I recently got an astronomy screensaver for our Roku box and it looked really nice so I wondered if I could find some like that for Windows 7.  In my search I stumbled on those two:

The images are pretty cool.  But then I thought "why can't I use those beautiful images as a screen saver also?"  Off I went into a very quick research and found out that you can drop the .themepack files into 7Zip and it can then unpack them and you can extract the images.  I downloaded and installed 7Zip and sure enough, it worked perfectly and I extracted the images and used the Photo screensaver to set Windows 7 up to use those images.  Worked like a charm:)

Tonight as I was looking through this, I also found two theme packs with images from NASA:

If you want some cool space images, check out those four theme packs!

Arnor Baldvinsson

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