Exclude a file from being copied in Clarion 8

I needed to exclude a specific DLL from being copied to the target folder in a Clarion 8 project.  After some messing around, I now have 3 ways to do this:

  1. Click on the LIB file in the project tree.  If the Properties pad is open you'll have two properties in there.  If the Properties pad is not open, right click on the LIB file and select "Properties"  You'll get two properties up, "Copy DLL to Output Directory" and "Copy to Output Directory"  The first one is set to "Default" by default and the second one is set to either "Default" or "Always."  Set the first one to "Never" and you're done!
  2. Edit the .cwproj file directly.  Example:
      <Library Include="crpre32.lib">

    This is essentially the same as the first option, but you might be able to do this quicker on multiple projects if you do it directly in the xml code.
  3. To exclude the file from ALL projects you can edit the LibIgnoreList.xml file

If you just need to exclude a file from a single project, the first option is by far the easiest and simplest. 

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