Nested JOINS in SQL browses with ODBC driver

A customer reported an issue where he was using 3 level deep joins on a PostgreSQL table with the SQL browse template and he found that the global filter was not being applied.  If he removed one level, the filter worked fine.  I could not duplicate this problem with neither SQL Anywhere version 11 or MSSQL 2008 using the native SQL Anywhere and MSSQL drivers. 

After going back and forth on this for a while and a lot of digging on both parts, he found that turning the /NESTING driver string on for each table the problem disappeared.  So if you run into an issue where nested joins, 3 levels deep or more, don't work properly, try to use /NESTING=TRUE string on the tables involved.  The documentation say it should be set to FALSE but my customer indicated it was set to TRUE.  If one setting doesn't work, try the other!


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